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Historic Roseberry Townsite

Valley County Museum image

The Valley County Museum (1910)
Originally the schoolhouse in McCall, later
city offices, police office, jail and library,
moved to Roseberry in 1978.

Church image

Methodist - Episcopal Church (1904)
Originated in Roseberry, moved to Donnelly,
moved back to Roseberry in 1973.

General Store image

Roseberry General Store (1905)
Acquired by the Long Valley Preservation
Society in 2015.

Schoolhouse image

Whitney-Fairbrother School (1914)
Originally located south of McCall, moved to Roseberry
in 1984. With help from local sponsor The Star News and
fourth grade classes from McCall and Donnelly, the
schoolhouse restoration is now nearly complete. Several
field trips are hosted here each year, and the building
is available by appointment for viewing or other uses.

Roseberry Barn image

The Barn at Roseberry (1912)
Originally built south of McCall,
donated by Ellen Sackerman and
moved to Roseberry in 2008. The
Barn, with attached stage, is now
fully restored and used both as a
performing art center and a venue
for weddings and other private and
public gatherings.

BandStand image

Band Stand/ Well House (1905)
Replicated in 2000, the original stood
at the center of town.

Nell Tobias Research Center (1936)
Originally built in Lakefork, north of Donnelly,
as a store, gas station and diner,
was moved onsite in 1993.

Mahala Blacksmith Shop (1904)
Relocated from the original homestead north
of Donnelly onto the town site in 2005.

Korvola Cabin (1898)
Relocated from the original homestead north
of Donnelly onto the town site in 2005.

Larkin House (1905)
Originally built outside Roseberry, moved
to Donnelly and then back again to Roseberry
by the family.

Dee's Barn (1936)
Newer construction but built with traditional
frame and sawn lumber construction.

Teacherage (1915)
Moved from south of Roseberry in 2006.

Storage Shed (1905)
Built and still located behind the General Store.

Johnson Machinery Shop (1920's)
Moved to Roseberry in 2005.

Equipment Shed (1999)
Built to house oversized equipment.

Barringer House (1905)
Privately owned, it was moved to
the complex from it's original site
down the road, a prime "four square"
house example common to Long Valley.

Arling House (1905)
Built South of Donnelly and moved to
the complex in 1995, also privately owned.

Johnson Cabin (1902)
Built South of McCall, it raised a
family of 13, and then moved to the
museum complex in 2005.

Carriage House (1910)
Still in it's original location, it
was restored in 2007 and houses a
woodshop with large collection of
old tools.

Finn/Jarvie House (1930's)
This building is believed to be the
last log house in built by a Finnish

Museum Storage (1980's)
Donated to the museum by the local
school district, it stores artifacts
for protection prior to exhibition.

Public Restrooms/ Parking lot:
Both the Public Restrooms & the Paved
Parking area were built with a grant
from the Idaho State Parks & Recreation.

Additional buildings have been identified for future procurement and restoration at the Roseberry museum complex. The process is involved and often takes many years to accomplish.